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Todd Fischer and the Watercolor Surf of the PNW

April 18, 2012

Todd Fishcer is a Pacific Northwest based artist.

Todd has been a staple of the PNW surf art scene for some time now. Our friends over at PBC have developed a friendship with him, and I was happy to finally meet Todd at the Tim Nelson benefit party. Check out our interview with Fischer, below.

Where did you grow up?
Hmmm, I don’t know if I’m done growing up. I think if I stop, I will probably be dead. I have spent most of my life here in Washington state….however many of my earlier years were in Eastern WA. I think being not as close to the ocean, left more desire in me to be closer to it. (absence makes the heart grow fonder).

Any favorite surfers/shapers?
I don’t think I have a real favorite surfer or shaper for that matter. There are so many good surfers and shapers out there. I used to think It was a bigger deal to know who’s who of each, but now It doesn’t really mean anything to me. I do appreciate watching a good ride. and riding a clean shaped board.:)

What are you riding these days?
Well, my 10-0′ Robert August is pretty worn out now. Every year I think I have patched it up for the last time. I think its like letting go of a old friend. As long as it still floats me I guess I will keep er. I’ve also been riding my sup a lot. I have a 8′ Stewart (big guy short board) I have been trying to find more time for also. I am looking for a new 10-0 this year.;) if there is anyone willing to trade for a nice piece of artwork..wink,wink..

Favorite artists?
Now that’s a tough one.. Since I have started putting my own artwork out there to show, I have met so many artist. They’re all great. I admire anyone who is brave enough to put themselves, and their work in front of the world, and be able to take any remarks that come with it. To be able to paint and express yourself to the world, requires a lot of sacrifices in life. (lifestyle,doing without this or that), So when they put their work out for everyone to view, it really is a gift from the artist. To get back to your question..I cant name any one artist, It seems unfair to just name a few. there are so many to draw from for inspiration. sorry for the pun..

You obviously draw a lot of your creative inspiration from surfing in the Pacific Northwest…what else gets your boat movin?
Family and friends, Places I have been and hope to go to. I am kind of a dreamer.

Your work is predominantly watercolor…do you work with any other mediums?
I do use other things.. I use acrylics once in a while,wood, metal, I’m working on a project with some paper mache’ lately. watercolor is what I am most comfortable with though.

What do you listen to when you work?
I listen to a pretty wide variety. I guess i do have a few go-tos for music I listen to Chili Peppers, Beatles,B52s,Beach boys,Roy Orbison, Concrete blond, the radio, whatever mood I feel like, I try to listen accordingly. It helps get things on paper.

What’s Todd Fischer have in the works for 2012?
To keep trying to come up with new ideas, to put on paper. Hopefully travel a bit more this year. I plan on being in Gig harbor WA. for a paddle board/Kayak race at the end of April. May, 18-20th I will be at Clean Water Classic in Westport, WA. June, July is open right now, but I hope to be on the road. August I would like to be at Cape Kiwanda Oregon again. There’s a kids surf camp at La Push WA I plan on being at. September is my favorite month for surf, so I don’t plan on doing much then.:)

In October I plan on being on the Big island of Hawaii. If I come home after that, I will maybe be looking at a trip to San Diego area. In between all that I will be in Kingston at “Kingston Adventures” new home to set up my art booth. They have allowed me to use their location as my new gallery, so stop by and check it out if your stuck in Sunday night ferry traffic in Kingston. So far I’m looking at setting up every 1st weekend of each month and see what happens from there. I like working weekends. I gives me the rest of the week to find time in the water.. Hope to see you all soon, Todd Fischer

You can learn more about Todd, on his website.

NW Surf & Snow did an awesome Lifestylin’ feature on Todd. You can check it out here.


– Shawn

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