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East Coast: Rising

January 5, 2013

No one is going to be shocked when I write that natural disasters have increased dramatically in the past 50 years; roughly 40 natural disasters were reported each year in the 1950s but today the number is closer to 400. Greater communication to remote places allows for a more accurate number of reported events but it is undeniable that global warming is causing the increase and Hurricane Sandy is no exception. In East Coast Rising you see how Hurricane Sandy demolished many areas on the northeast coast and then the region’s ability to rebuild with the aid, determination and the steadfast spirit of local surfers.

The film depicts how surfers are so interwoven into the communities they live to the point of doing whatever possible to aid in the wake of a devastating event like Hurricane Sandy. Post-Hurricane Sandy local surfers of New York and New Jersey (some of the interviewed surfers have thick New Jersey and New York accents which is awesome) donated food and time in order to restore the demolished coast; it is heart warming to see this camaraderie. Maybe it is the 4/3 suits, the prevalence of bushy beards or the familiar stoked grins but the ties binding the surfers in this film are reminiscent of the bonds of the surfers of the Pacific Northwest.

East Coast Rising shows surfers at their best out of the water. The heart of East Coast Rising is that surfers are no longer lazy Spicoli-esque characters but environmentally- and community-conscious dudes and dudettes who are willing to lend a hand for the betterment of their ocean and their fellow being.

– Patrick

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David Macomber: Shark Sugar

October 12, 2012

David Macomber is an artist who’s work has been featured in multiple publications. He currently resides in New Jersey with his family, and spends his free time in the water & woods. Shark Sugar’s work demonstrates a harmonious marriage between those two environments; Waves wrapped in wood grain.

What inspires you?
Life and it’s brevity. I feel like I am on this earth to share the beauty of the Lord and His creation. There isn’t much time – so I try to do as much as I can.

How long have you been surfing?
I’ve been surfing since my early teens but I find now I enjoy shooting in the water more then surfing. When I’m surfing I am thinking about photography and when I’m in the water shooting. I get stoked on getting shots of everyone else having the time of their lives.

Any favorite artists?
David Carson, Andoni Galdeano, Banksy, Jasper Johns, Kate Sikorski, Storm Thorgerson, TJ Reddick, Andy Warholl, Jeff Canham, Piet Mondrian (if you don’t know these folks I highly recommend google-ing them)

Anyone out there you have been itching to work with?
Hmm. I think anyone from the above list would be fun to collaborate with. But anyone who is fun and likes to be creative.. I’d be open to work together.

You are based out of New Jersey, but spent your part of your life in California. How would you say the surf/art scene differs between the two coasts?
Uhm.. The easiest (shortest) answer would be – I think Jersey artist/surfers have to work harder. Because the art scene and waves are tougher to find. But on the other hand if you have talent it’s easier to stand out because the scene is much smaller.

Your creative talent is broad. What medium are you currently enjoying the most?
Why thanks for your compliments. In the last few weeks I’ve been diving into street art. I’m mixing my black and white surf photos with spray painted stencils… it’s been fun.

I’m in love with your skateboards. What can you tell me about them?
A friend of mine Robby Wheeler creates these rad handmade skateboards in his garage. It’s a really cool process that he doesn’t let anybody see. Haha. But I asked if I could paint a few and they’ve really been a hit. I started exploring some new styles and techniques with these as well… that too has seemed to go over well.

What’s on the menu for Sugar Shark this year?
The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of planning and brainstorming for next year. I’d like to explore the street art some more, I’d like to do another large mural (or two). I thought about starting a watch company, because I love watches. Also, I’m looking for a brand manager to help me stay focused and do some PR work – I just want to keep creating and have someone else (who’s better qualified) work on that other stuff.

David has a large body of work. Do yourself a favor…head on over to his site, and dive in.

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