BELLA VITA: A Surfer’s Journey Through Italy

May 14, 2013

In a world of globe-trotting surfers chasing perfect waves in far-off lands, is it possible that an undiscovered surfing wonder could still exist, perhaps over-shadowed and hidden for years in the veil of a country’s overwhelming lineage of style, architecture, food and culture?

In pursuit of the answer, filmmaker Jason Baffa chronicles Chris Del Moro on a pilgrimage back to his ancestral homeland with elite professional surfers Dave Rastovich, Lauren Lyndsey Hill, Conner & Parker Coffin and Italian stand-outs Alessandro Ponzanelli and Leonardo Fioravanti as they explore the burgeoning surf culture blossoming amongst the Mediterranean’s oldest and cherished traditions.

A visual epic captured in 35mm, Bella Vita presents an intimate and powerful journey of self-discovery where the unique powers of family tradition intersect with the enlightenment of re-discovery in a forgotten natural resource.

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