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Artwork: Shawn Paul Jennings

August 14, 2013

I was cleaning out an old hard drive, and found some scans of some of my older work. These collages were part of a book I started working on about nine years ago. It’s been fun going back through them, and remembering where I picked up all the pieces…a metro card from NY, a stamp card from the bead store…old newspaper clippings found in the Roycroft free pile.


The Horde and the Harem: Chasing Crows

October 28, 2012

Our friend Noble is in this band. Watch/Listen now. If you’re in the PNW, the Horde and the Harem will be launching their fall tour next week. Noble arrives at all venues one hour early, and offers lap-dances  at a very reasonable price.

fall tour dates:
11/3 Seattle, WA The Crocodile Cafe
11/7 Portland OR Doug Fir
11/8 Bend, OR The Horned Hand
11/9 Cottage Grove, OR Axe & Fiddle
11/10 San Francisco, CA Hotel Utah
11/12 San Luis Obispo, CA Kreuzberg
11/14 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe
11/15 Sacramento, CA Shady Lady
11/16 Eugene, OR Sam Bond’s Garage
11/17 Portland, OR NACA Showcase

The Horde and the Harem – Official Website

Retro Stoke Harvester

From the Archives: Cheka-Looka Surf Shop – Eastlake

September 30, 2012

I drove up to Jeff’s place today and snagged a box of photos from the old surf shop. It’s always a treat digging through the Abondonato’s garage…Ricky’s 10′ log in one corner, a box of Star Wars toys from the 80’s in the other. I dropped off the board Jeff and I started shaping 5 years ago. It should fit nicely somewhere in between the Dark Tower board game, and Lea’s old red tricycle.


Them Mortgage Hips: Soldier Scape

September 12, 2012

Them Mortgage Hips present: Soldier Scape (2003)
[ca_audio url=”″ width=”639″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

Interviews, Surf, Surf Interviews

Surf | Craft: Ryan Lovelace

September 7, 2012

Ryan lovelace is a 206 born surfer & shaper…currently mastering his craft in Santa Barbara, Ca. He was the man behind Point Concept Surf Boards…and is presently shaping under his own name, with Ryan Lovelace Surfcraft. Get to know him more, in our interview below. 

When did you start surfing?
I started surfing when I was young, thought I don’t know the year; my family would go visit my grandparents in hawaii every summer; my only though there was the ocean and how I could get my dad to paddle me and my brother back out for some more waves.  We went every year for a while until my grandparents moved to Arizona (what a contrast………!).  At that point I started surfing in Oregon and Washington whenever I could, though living a few hours away from the ocean and being a full-time ski-bum made that a pretty rare endeavor, though my board stayed in the middle of my room year round and I could never pull my face out of whatever surf-rags I had.

You grew up in Seattle…Any memorable sessions in the Pacific Northwest, you wouldn’t mind sharing?
The first time I experienced REAL offshore wind…stinging sand blowing all the way into the lineup.  It was small but in a beautiful little cove in oregon, set in a national park.  The water was so clear that whole week, like a crystal.  I love cold water for that clarity it has when the conditions come together just right.

When did you start shaping?
I started shaping in 2005, on my 19th birthday.  I had been saving for a new board until a friend told me he had built his own and it had only (HAHAHA) taken him 6 months or so to do it in his garage.  I figured that wasn’t too bad so I got into researching the subject as much as I could, though getting my hands on the materials was the real education.  I got finished with my first board (even hand-foiled the fins out of plywood with a surform…try it sometime…) in just under a week.  It was all I could see…I was possessed.

Out of the Lovelace quiver, what would you say your favorite board is?
I have a number of loves within the quiver of what I build, i find different obsessions with all different types of craft though if I had to single one out…Her name is v.Bowls.  The design has flipped my thought process on it’s head and truly opened my eyes to the unlimited potential that shaping offers as a total mind-f*ck.  Once you thought you knew something it can instantly be flipped on its face and you’ve got a whole new beast…that beast is v.Bowls for me.  Coming into the design has reshaped my entire quiver.

Favorite surfer and/or shaper?
I have a hard time finding favorites of any type in almost anything…I dare you to ask me what my favorite pizza is. I’m pretty well removed from the mainstream of surfing, I don’t pay much attention and theres so much out there that I just could care less about…I stay pretty well holed up in my own little world, so my influences and favorite surfers are all local guys and people I’ve meet through my travels.  Travers Adler comes to mind very quickly.  Trevor Gordon, Dan Malloy, Ari Browne in Byron Bay Australia…he rides a finless board better than anyone else I’ve seen.  He’s got a pretty sweet Zebra costume also, I really like that about him.

In the shaping world, it’s still hard for me to single anyone out; I find my influences there mostly in the way that people carry themselves as humans within the profession and in that its becoming difficult these days to find people that I have deep and true respect for.  Rich Pavel comes to mind as a very unique and special influence of mine, as does Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton.  Gregg Tally is a hero for hand shapers and anyone who walks the walk.

When I was cruising through the shop on your website, Vol. 1 caught my eye. Can you tell us about it?
I suppose since day one I’ve always wanted to incorporate art and other people in my work; not really aiming for it I started attracting a lot of amazing people and artists into and around my shop.  Most of it came in the form of photography and as time compounded over the past number of years I’ve collected enough photos and material to crash my computer and fill a few hard drives; things people shoot around my shop, in the water, anywhere.  I put it all together for fun one day and made a book out of a pile of my favorite photos as well as the sketches that I do for my board designs…basically a hand-bound surfboard porno.  I started Vol.1 when I ended Point Concept, my old label.  My work and path within the surf world moves and changes with my whims so I thought it was a good time to start making a definitive collection every year of whats gone on; the best sessions, the most striking images, my influences.  As I collect stuff through the seasons I’ll keep compiling it and making new books to keep track of my progress.

What’s on the menu for 2012?
Hopefully some nice tubes and lots of bottom turns…

I’m heading to australia for my second time this year in a month or so, then going to Bali to shape at Deus Ex Machina.  I’m bringing a pile of friends along with me so it ought to be an unreal adventure…then I’m back home for the surf season and around Santa Barbara we try to stay put when there are waves, so my plan is to keep up with my whims through the season and come up with some new stuff; particularly refining the Rabbits Foot and a few big wave boards for my friends to travel with and carry into some precarious situations.  I can only image what v.Bowls will continue to teach me through the coming season.  Once the swells die down though I’m headed back to Australia to shape, then to Europe again for my yearly ‘tour’ over there; its usually a few weeks of really heavy duty shaping, I come back pretty ripped…my girlfriend likes it.

If you’re in the SF Bay area tonight (9.6.2012), stop by the RVCA gallery on Haight. Ryan recently collaborated with artist Blake Marquis, and will have some boards on display.

Ryan’s Blog
Ryan’s Facebook Page

1. Blake Marquis
2. Morgan Maassen
3&4. Ryan Lovelace
5&6. Alex Swanson

Retro Stoke Harvester

Two Tribes: Custom Motorcycles & Classic Surfboards

August 9, 2012

Join us this Friday at the Piranha Shop to celebrate bikes, boards…and raise money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. Enjoy a fully stocked bar, pick up some raffle tickets…and win some killer prizes! Twinline will have some sweet bikes on hand, and we’ve borrowed some beautiful boards to have on display.

Raffle prizes will include, but are not limited to….Punked City Cruisers, Hemel Skate decks, autographed Pearl Jam goodies, + more!

Event website
Facebook event

Hosted by Peanut Butter Coast + Stoke Harvester + Twinline Motorcycles

Interviews, Surf, Surf Interviews

Todd Fischer and the Watercolor Surf of the PNW

April 18, 2012

Todd Fishcer is a Pacific Northwest based artist.

Todd has been a staple of the PNW surf art scene for some time now. Our friends over at PBC have developed a friendship with him, and I was happy to finally meet Todd at the Tim Nelson benefit party. Check out our interview with Fischer, below.

Where did you grow up?
Hmmm, I don’t know if I’m done growing up. I think if I stop, I will probably be dead. I have spent most of my life here in Washington state….however many of my earlier years were in Eastern WA. I think being not as close to the ocean, left more desire in me to be closer to it. (absence makes the heart grow fonder).

Any favorite surfers/shapers?
I don’t think I have a real favorite surfer or shaper for that matter. There are so many good surfers and shapers out there. I used to think It was a bigger deal to know who’s who of each, but now It doesn’t really mean anything to me. I do appreciate watching a good ride. and riding a clean shaped board.:)

What are you riding these days?
Well, my 10-0′ Robert August is pretty worn out now. Every year I think I have patched it up for the last time. I think its like letting go of a old friend. As long as it still floats me I guess I will keep er. I’ve also been riding my sup a lot. I have a 8′ Stewart (big guy short board) I have been trying to find more time for also. I am looking for a new 10-0 this year.;) if there is anyone willing to trade for a nice piece of artwork..wink,wink..

Favorite artists?
Now that’s a tough one.. Since I have started putting my own artwork out there to show, I have met so many artist. They’re all great. I admire anyone who is brave enough to put themselves, and their work in front of the world, and be able to take any remarks that come with it. To be able to paint and express yourself to the world, requires a lot of sacrifices in life. (lifestyle,doing without this or that), So when they put their work out for everyone to view, it really is a gift from the artist. To get back to your question..I cant name any one artist, It seems unfair to just name a few. there are so many to draw from for inspiration. sorry for the pun..

You obviously draw a lot of your creative inspiration from surfing in the Pacific Northwest…what else gets your boat movin?
Family and friends, Places I have been and hope to go to. I am kind of a dreamer.

Your work is predominantly watercolor…do you work with any other mediums?
I do use other things.. I use acrylics once in a while,wood, metal, I’m working on a project with some paper mache’ lately. watercolor is what I am most comfortable with though.

What do you listen to when you work?
I listen to a pretty wide variety. I guess i do have a few go-tos for music I listen to Chili Peppers, Beatles,B52s,Beach boys,Roy Orbison, Concrete blond, the radio, whatever mood I feel like, I try to listen accordingly. It helps get things on paper.

What’s Todd Fischer have in the works for 2012?
To keep trying to come up with new ideas, to put on paper. Hopefully travel a bit more this year. I plan on being in Gig harbor WA. for a paddle board/Kayak race at the end of April. May, 18-20th I will be at Clean Water Classic in Westport, WA. June, July is open right now, but I hope to be on the road. August I would like to be at Cape Kiwanda Oregon again. There’s a kids surf camp at La Push WA I plan on being at. September is my favorite month for surf, so I don’t plan on doing much then.:)

In October I plan on being on the Big island of Hawaii. If I come home after that, I will maybe be looking at a trip to San Diego area. In between all that I will be in Kingston at “Kingston Adventures” new home to set up my art booth. They have allowed me to use their location as my new gallery, so stop by and check it out if your stuck in Sunday night ferry traffic in Kingston. So far I’m looking at setting up every 1st weekend of each month and see what happens from there. I like working weekends. I gives me the rest of the week to find time in the water.. Hope to see you all soon, Todd Fischer

You can learn more about Todd, on his website.

NW Surf & Snow did an awesome Lifestylin’ feature on Todd. You can check it out here.


– Shawn