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Bruce Brown: Logs & Hogs

October 13, 2012

In this installment of The Surfer’s Journal’ POV Series, filmmaker Chris Malloy asks Bruce Brown to break down his life into 3 acts. Although Brown is most well known for The Endless Summer, In 1971 Bruce Brown decided that he needed a break from the waves.  He turned his lens towards motorcycles. With financing by Steve Mcqueen, Brown began work on his film; On Any Sunday.

Extra treat: At the 3:35 mark, Brown calls the Black Knight a “Sell out.” :P

Retro Stoke Harvester

Two Tribes: Custom Motorcycles & Classic Surfboards

August 9, 2012

Join us this Friday at the Piranha Shop to celebrate bikes, boards…and raise money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. Enjoy a fully stocked bar, pick up some raffle tickets…and win some killer prizes! Twinline will have some sweet bikes on hand, and we’ve borrowed some beautiful boards to have on display.

Raffle prizes will include, but are not limited to….Punked City Cruisers, Hemel Skate decks, autographed Pearl Jam goodies, + more!

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Hosted by Peanut Butter Coast + Stoke Harvester + Twinline Motorcycles