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Keith Malloy: Patagonia, Fatherhood & Torpedo People

February 8, 2013

Keith was pushed into his first wave when he was four years old. He went pro in his teens. By twenty-five, he’d circled the world ten times. With such experience, it comes as no surprise that he’s an artisan of all forms of wave riding. Recently, I was lucky enough to connect with Keith (Thanks Aaron.) Hes described as a man of few words Heres 538.

A few years back I saw a shot of you surfing off the Washington coast. How was it?
We really had an amazing trip to the northwest. I think we got really lucky with the weather and waves. I don’t want to name any spots, but there are some great lefts up there. Both my wife and I are goofy foot, so we were taking advantage of being front-side. Walking throughout the crazy old growth forests with bald eagles soaring overhead was so cool. I really enjoy the northwest, it’s pretty magical. I hope I go back some day soon and surf it again.

Patagonia wetsuits have become pretty damn popular up here in the Pacific Northwest. You, Dan and Chris are all ambassadors. What initially got you guys involved with Patagonia?
We started with Patagonia about 10 years ago. We really resonated with the company’s core values and philosophy. I also grew up in Ventura, CA where Patagonia is based. I ended up surfing and becoming friends with Yvon and Fletcher. Eventually our friendship turned into a partnership, and I’ve been working with them ever since. It’s been great to work on the wetsuit designs and see them just get better and better. We definitely build suits for the colder regions… it’s great to hear that people in your area wear them, and like them.

Chris Burkard Photography

Can you please tell me the story behind this shot?
We traveled to Norway to surf. We ended up surfing an overhead left point break near the cabin we were staying at. Fortunately for me we had the wood burning hot tub on the deck. So, ?after surfing frigid water in the snow, you could find me chilling and drinking beers in the hot tub. I’ll be honest, I was a bit giddy as it all seemed surreal.

Is it true in 2021 Patagonia will be introducing an R5 wetsuit for the Great Lakes surfers, and that for extra warmth they will be cross-stitching hair from your beard in with the merino wool?
Hahahaha. I hope not.

You and your wife had a baby a few years back. How has fatherhood shaped your creative endeavors?
My family and I are basically a team, my wife helps me with everything I do. ?We finished ?the bodysurf movie Come Hell or High Water over the time our child was being born, it was crazy! We just finished a book about the movie. It’s called Plight of the Torpedo People. ?Believe me, it is a juggling act with a kid! ?Not sure how we got it all done!

What are some of your passions outside the water?
I also like hunting, fishing and riding horses. ?We have a big population of wild invasive pigs in our area and I like hunting them with a bow. My Dad has a small cattle ranch and I help him out a bit. My biggest commitment is my two year old daughter and wife, but luckily they like the beach and ranch life too.

It’s been two years since the release of Come Hell or High Water. Any great adventures in 2012? What’s on the menu for 2013?
I traveled quite a bit after the movie, Kamchaka Russia was an insane trip. Like no place i have ever been. We were surfing in the midst of volcanoes, bears and salmon. The beach breaks were hollow with crystal clear water. The water temp was below 50. We found some amazing river mouth, but unfortunately the swell never got very big.

It was a pretty hardcore trip, we camped for 14 days and no showers. We were sleeping in tents and in between camps we were driving a 6 wheel army vehicle. The highlight of my trip was catching salmon on the fly rod.

2013, hmm, not sure, usually don’t plan things farther than a week in advance! I just got back from a trip to Barbados, we timed it with swell and got amazing waves. Not sure creatively whats next, but I have a few ideas.

Tim Davis

You can pick up your own copies of Come Hell or High Water, and Plight of the Torpedo People, on the official site.

Check out our review of Come Hell or High Water, here. We also sell the DVD in our shop.

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Film Review: Come Hell or High Water

March 14, 2012

Both Renick and I have been waiting a few months for Come Hell or High Water to get back in stock. We burnt through our initial inventory faster than expected, and when I went to order more copies I was told they would need to “make more,” to meet the current demand. Nonetheless, I’ve watched the film a few times now, and as soon as this review goes online I’ll think about sending Renick his copy. ;)

Keith Malloy and Woodshed Films wrapped up 2011 in good fashion. Come Hell or High Water brought home a total of four awards from the NYC & London Surf Festivals…rounding out both the “Best Feature,” and “Best Cinematography” categories. A combination of vibrant 16mm film and some new camera angles really makes you wish you were there… steamrolling down the face of wave.

Being body surf film, you of course get a healthy dose of Mark Cunningham. Following a brief narration by him on the south shore, you get a good feel for what CHOHW is all about. At Point Panic, the locals aren’t competing… they’re simply having fun… which is the mantra throughout the film. The movie overall, comes across as lighthearted with jokes about Speedos and comments like “It’s never gonna be cool. I never got any chicks bodysurfing, that’s for sure!

Fear not though… there’s a healthy Wedge section smack-dab in the middle of the film, with plenty of steep drops and lines gone wrong. Fred Simpson says it best; “The hardest part is making up my mind to take off… actually putting myself in the path of the bull, and pass it so it rips my clothes but doesn’t kill me.”

Locations include California, Hawaii, Tahiti, a brief stop in MONTANA, and a pinnacle with Cunningham at Teahupoo. The best rides in my opinion are Mike Stewart at Point Panic… which includes some nice barrels and off the lip spins.
Come Hell or High Water has an overall mellow soundtrack. Some of the film’s musicians include: The Cave Singers, Eddie Vedder, Mike Kaawa, Todd Hannigan, and a Dan Malloy/Jon Swift collaboration.

I dig the film. The combination of Woodshed production and Malloy’s awesome beard really shines some light on an often times overlooked sport. The playfulness of the film was nice change of pace from all the recent overly aggressive short board flicks to come out. It’s a great addition to the Woodshed catalog, and well worth the price of admission (DVD + 6 Pack.)

That’s it for the plight of the torpedo people… guess I can mail Renick his copy now.

You can pick up a copy of the film here.