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Making of: Almond Apparel

December 4, 2013

A fine bit of film, showing the creative process behind the clothing made possible by Almond Surfboards & Designs.

Description: Since Day 1 of Almond’s fairly short history, (5 or 6 years) we have strived to design and make products that we deemed to be essential to our mostly surf-centric way of life. We have spent the first 5 years really emphasizing the surfboard, the most essential of all surf essentials. Along the way we have learned a ton, met a lot of talented people and set our sights on more product-variety. This past year we’ve decided to make a more intentional and direct effort in the soft-goods realm, to sit alongside the surfboards that we will always emphasize. We have spent the last year and a half developing, experimenting, re-developing and launching a small collection of subtly surf-inspired, wearable clothing. Here’s a brief look into what that looks like for us. We’re continuing to grow the line, refine fits, try new washes, etc… but we’re thankful for the progress thus far, and increasingly excited with each new season.

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ALMOND // Lookbook Video Fall 2013

August 13, 2013

Our friends at Almond Surfboards & Designs have been hard at work developing a new menswear line for the Fall. Handmade in sunny Southern California, this new line of apparel and accessories draws inspiration from the surfing heritage that surrounds them, while simultaneously cutting a clean line through the crowd of surf inspired stuff. So with that said, take a look at their recent lookbook video, which highlights a few things that’ll be available this fall, as well as the lifestyle they strive to support.

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Film Review: White Caps

February 28, 2013

New York comedian Todd Barry has a dry wit. I love it. He is sarcastic, lethargic and fucking hilarious. Here is a transcribed version of one of my favorite jokes…I’m paraphrasing…

I like the Chipotle Mexican Grill. Every time I bring up the Chipotle Mexican Grill in conversation someone goes “Oh, Chipotle Mexican Grill is delicious. Can you believe it was started by McDonalds?” – I reply “uh, McDonalds is delicious… so, yes I can believe that”. It is the world’s greatest restaurant chain taking a stab at another kind of food and hitting it out of the park…”

This is my sentiment towards Almond’s recently released “Whitecaps”, filmed by Cam Oden and Jack Belli. Almond surfboards, the new name in quality surfboards (and a lasting one, I bet my Hobie on it), takes a stab at making a quality surf flick and hits it out of the park… solidly.


This isn’t surprising in the least – the film is a straight reflection of the quality of Almond Surfboards: classy, thoughtful, artistic, fashionable and playful. The film is pulled from the oven at the perfect time: no superfluous camera filters, no over production or design – just a well crafted playbook of non-surfing segments that hold your attention then break away before your gills dry out, great tunes, beautiful scenery and of course – gnarly surfing. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Almond.


The unique color schemes of each segment are modest and extremely tasteful. Griffin Neumann-Kyle’s surfing segment is an overcast grey, adequately reflecting the accompanying slack key guitar, while Cyrus Sutton’s segment is a crisp blue, mirroring the glassy morning session that he is surfing. I am not sure if Almond anticipated these great color juxtapositions but either way I am going to credit ‘em. Very nice work.

Moreover, the film feels light and frisky. The surfing is fun: switching boards, slappin’ high fives. I mean, come on, who doesn’t get jazzed off a well-executed fiver? Whitecaps is the type of film that makes you want to paddle out with your friends, not because of deep green rooms or poised pigs on a planket (new term for “hanging-10”, maybe?) but because these gals and guys look like they are having a ball.

– Patrick

P.S.- Schuyler McFerran: Elle est très adorable.

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Almond Surfboards: The Survey

January 10, 2013

Almond Surfboards have introduced a new board to their quiver. The Survey. This fin setup may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t.  You can’t preach “surf everything except for surfboards with three fins.”  The longstanding stigma of the thruster setup being the most elitist of the fin setups is long gone… I think it’s time we forgive the thruster and let him back into the club.  Fuller outline, foiled rails, rounded tail, single to double concave, three fins.

Video coming coon…

Photos: Cam Oden

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Almond Surfboards & Designs: Surf Thump

December 10, 2012

Back in September, I ordered myself an Almond Surf Thump. It’s a 9’8″ triple-stringer, with slightly hull-like rails, and a glassed on Almond Dee-fin.  It’s not obese…in fact, it’s a little skinner than your standard pig shape. The 9’8″ comes with some wide 23″ hips. The nose is a little wider than a a pig, which I would say lends it a tad more to the log family, than swine. Although at this point I’ve only ridden the board at beach breaks, Dave @ Almond says it performs equally as well on points. It’s an easy paddler (even though I’m out of shape,) easily floats me at 195lbs (I told you I was out of shape,) and turns well from the tail (it’s got a nice ass.)

Dave and the boys at Almond, hand-shape all their boards down in Newport Beach, Ca. They make quality stuff. Modern shapers, crafting some beautiful retro-inspired shapes. If you’re looking to bulk up your quiver, I would suggest checking out the Surf Thump. It’s an all-around nice log that’s sure to get you a beer at the campfire… if you share it with your friends in the line-up.

Jake Zylstra on his Surf Thump (Photo: Cam Oden)

Almond’s team rider; Andy Nieblas, apparently rides a Surf Thump when he competes. (Photo: Cam Oden)


– Shawn



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Surfboards by Dewey Weber

December 4, 2012

If we are friends, than you most likely know that I am a sucker for Dewey Weber Surfboards. The first longboard I ever purchased was a 9’0 Dewey Weber Performer. I was working at Cheka-Looka at the time, and pretty much everything I knew about surfing came from Jeff, Bubba, and Ricky. Ricky used to surf for Weber…so he understandably had a soft spot for Dewey’s. That being said, the decision to put me on the DW Performer was green across the board. It was big, it was blue, and it came with a hatchet fin.

I was stoked. Up to that point, my only experience with longboards was with the sticks that Cheka-Looka kept in the rental fleet. Don’t get me wrong, those boards weren’t bad…but nothing could prepare me for my first session out on the performer.

Easy-paddling, dime-turning, stoke-mining, wave-catching machine.

I was stoked. The next day at Cheka-Looka, I grabbed a DW t-shirt, and a sticker to throw on my car.

A few months back, my friend Scott and I picked up a few boards from Almond Surfboards & Designs. Scott bought a Lumberjack, and I scored a Surf Thump. I friggin love my Surf Thump. It’s 9’8″,piggish, and has a glassed on D-fin. After taking the Surf Thump out a few times, I contacted Dave at Almond…to see if he would be interested in selling his boards through the site. Shortly after, we proudly announced a partnership with Almond Surfboards & Designs.

After getting most of Almond’s quiver up on the site, I started talking with Justin over at Peanut Butter Coast about who else Stoke Harvester could bring on board. There are more than a few great surfboard manufacturers out there that SH would be excited to work with. Everyone has their favorite…Dewey Weber is mine.

I contacted Shea Weber. Stoke Harvester now sells Surfboards by Dewey Weber.

At the moment we have three different models available on the site; The Stlyist, Performer, and Feather Fastback. If you’re looking to add a performance fin to your collection, we also have Dewey’s Hatchet fin. More DW boards and clothing will be added to the store in the coming months. In the meantime if there’s something you want, and it’s not listed on the site…Shoot us an email.

One step closer to getting my Red Jacket. ;)

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Stoke Harvesters now got Nuts

October 22, 2012

We’re excited to say that Stoke Harvester is now selling handcrafted surfboards by Almond Surf & Design. A few months back we interviewed Dave Allee; the man behind Almond, shortly thereafter, Shawn picked up a Surf Thump, and our friend Scott snagged a Lumberjack. Shawn’s board has been getting passed around out in the water (when he actually makes it there). We’re still working on getting the entire Almond quiver ready for the website. At the moment we have eight models available, all of which are ready to me polished with your drool. Along with surfing boards (used for riding water hills), we’re also selling Almond’s line of longboard fins shaped by Larry Allison of Fiberglass Fin Company.

Almond – Boards
Almond – Fins
Almond – Clothing… coming soon.