Skateboard Review: Punked City Cruiser

October 11, 2012

I like all sorts of skateboards. Long ones, short ones, old ones, weird ones. Anything really. Unfortunately, however, I’m not very good at this activity. I mean, I can push my self along pretty alright, carve down a hill in the dark, or negotiate the shit show that is Alki on a sunny summer day, but I can’t kick-flip the fucking thing, or skate a bowl, or slide down something steep. When I was younger, maybe middle school, I was all about skateboarding. World Industries, Independent, all of that. I had decks and trucks and shoes and Jenco jeans big silly pockets and stickers – so many stickers – but I couldn’t skate. At least not the way I wanted to.

I’ve always been interested in it’s origins, though. Skateboarding that is. Old school shit. Tony Alva. Roller skate stuff. I think I’ve seen ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’ a dozen times. So when Shawn told me he was going to start selling some 70’s style skateboards on Stoke Harvester – molded plastic planks with big polyurethane wheels – I was all over it.

It’s called the Punked City Cruiser and it’s made by Yocaher Skateboards, a company that’s been in business since 1975. It’s plastic, with a patterned top, kick tail, aluminum trucks and 60mm wheels. It’s 22.5 inches long and roughly six inches wide. As I pushed up and down Alki, my maiden voyage aboard this bitchin 70’s skatecraft, I noticed one thing – how smooth she sails. Maybe it’s them big red rubber wheels. Or maybe it’s that plastic deck that doesn’t send a shock wave back to your bones. I don’t know. It was all kinds of fun, though. And for $80, you can’t beat it.

– Justin Coffey

Justin Coffey is known to enjoy small waves, strong drinks, motorcycles and misbehaving. He’s also the guy that runs Peanut Butter Coast.

You can pick up your own Punked City Cruiser here

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