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Surf Berlin: Kickstarter

November 28, 2014

About a year ago, I interviewed Ira Mowen. Ira is on a quest to catch the only German wave, before the ship that produces it is gone forever. He’s been documenting his journey, in a film named Surf Berlin. That film now has a kickstarter campaign.

Check out the Surf Berlin Kickstarter campaign here. My interview with Ira can be read here.

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Topo Designs: Made in USA

November 26, 2014

A large part of Topo Designs is their ideas around simplicity and the sense of connectedness with the things we own. Being outdoors is a very spiritual thing, and the guys at Topo enjoy the quietness and calm that is ever present in nature. They wanted to compliment that idea by creating things that worked very well but weren’t unnecessarily complicated or overshadowed by the latest technology so the outdoor experience was undisturbed and took center stage. Topo wants you to take off our bag or coat for a rest on the trail and feel like you’re removing a little piece of who you are, and not a piece of gadgetry that just didn’t meld into that natural environment.

A big part of that inherent connectedness also relies on how and where Topo makes their products. They hold their home base in Colorado, close to their heart. In Colorado, Topo Designs work with their friends and neighbors to make their products, and every time they use them… they carry a little piece of that community around with them. Mark Hansen likes comparing the idea with the amazing new world of food here in the US. We’ve seen such a rise of interest and engagement within the organic and local food movement lately, and it’s incredible. You can now go to just about any grocery store and buy local, organic, high quality food, or run to any number of farmers markets on the weekend and meet the people who are producing it.

Topo asked; why should what we wear and what we carry be any different? The homegrown company loves the idea of being able to translate that movement to the outdoor world with high quality gear and clothing that is produced locally by and with their neighbors. People can stop by the Topo Designs shop, meet everyone in person, and hopefully feel a little sense of a bigger community every time they use a Topo product.

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i was a skate rat.

November 25, 2014

i was a skate rat.

The sun drenched, cascade of sub and ex-urban cul-de-sacs crawl across the state of Florida, much like its creeping kudzu brethren to the north. A constant source of derision among urban planning futurists, architects, and environmentalists alike, the vague banality of suburban life has been excoriated for years by the culture class for representing the life draining, and waste producing by-product of our civilization’s greatest advances. Skateboarding, like life, as is so menacingly projected in 1993’s Jurassic Park, will find a way. It is in these island-like colonies, without the music scenes, without advantageous architectural density, and without the crews of peers that drove skating to new heights in urban environments, that some of skateboarding’s most pivotal moments transpired.

I was a Skate Rat, is a brief meditation on the nature of how suburban nomadic skateboarders find each other, build communities – and as is often the case in adversarial environments – use every inch of their limitations and blank canvas, to breed ideas that influence the life of skateboarders every day. From the kick flip, to the kick tail, Floridians are responsible for scores of technical and cultural advancements – and they are all skate rats.

words from Trey Edwards

In conjunction with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s traveling exhibition INNOSKATE 2014, presented in Florida by The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation & The Polk Museum of Art.

Film by Drew Miller.

Retro Stoke Harvester

Stoke Harvester Gear

November 19, 2014

Next week we celebrate our four year anniversary. To memorialize the occasion, we gave the website a facelift. We’re also doing a limited run of our classic hoodie, and tractor tee. Each are available in an assortment of colors. To accommodate that assortment, we are requesting people place their orders by Nov 23rd. This also helps ensure your will order will arrive safely at your A-frame, trailer, or cubbyhole, in time for Christmas.

Click here, to order yourself some new digs.


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2014 Harbour Surf Day

November 14, 2014

California still has beach parties. Like, real beach parties. I am not talking about you and your friends camped out in your mom’s Ford Malibu drinking Milwaukee’s Best Ice – I mean real raffle ticket, beach blanket bingo type shit. It’s true. Tomorrow is the annual Harbour Surf Day at Bolsa Chica State Beach hosted by the gang at Harbour Surfboards. The event will be held at tower 23 along the Pacific Coast Highway, and there will be food, a raffle, surfing, and I can only assume a group sing-along. Come one, come all!



9:59: Kevin Says

July 6, 2014

“959” is Ty Willman, Dave Krusen , Alan Hunt, Jeremy Lightfoot , Cameron Brownfield
Directed & edited by by Michael Maniglia
Produced by Sam Bligh and Triple Props Rcd’s
Cinematography by Michael Maniglia


Andy Knepshield

June 13, 2014

On June 8th, our friend Andy Knepshield was pursuing his passion for rock climbing in the Pacific North West. He was climbing with a partner at Little Si in North Bend, Washington on the World Wall. While Andy was climbing an accident occurred with the baylaying process and Andy fell over 70 feet. An emergency search and rescue team rushed Andy to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Andy is currently in surgery to fight internal bleeding. He has multiple broken bones, kidney damage, and is in danger of losing his spleen. More information on his condition will be added as we have it – we know Andy will pull through this, but it will be a very long and painful recovery.

Andy and his amazing wife Emily are going to need all the help we can give them. They are going to need our financial support through Andy’s long recovery and rehab. Andy will be out of work for quite some time – we don’t know how long he will be hospitalized, how long he will be in rehab, how long before he will be able to work, or how much all of this is going to cost. As soon as these details are available this page will be updated. Now is the time to offer what you can to this amazing person – every dollar counts. Andy and Emily also need our love, support, and powerful thoughts of recovery and strength.

Please share this with as many people as you can. Andy and Emily are amazing people with roots in Ohio, Brooklyn, Nashville, Seattle and beyond. Friends and family from coast to coast, do what you can to help. We know Andy would be too humble to ask directly for this much needed support, and we know he will be eternally grateful for all the care and generosity sent his way.

Click the banner below, to support Andy.