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Onde Nostre: Italy in 16mm

March 26, 2012

Props to the kids over at Peanut Butter Coast, for turning us on to this film.

Onde Nostre is a 16mm Italian surf flick shot primarily in the winter of 2010. The film is directed by Luca Merli & Matteo Ferrari, and produced by BLOCK 1O. The film features surfers- Thomas Cravarezza, Pierpaolo Pito Giachero, David Pecchi, Lorenzo Castagna, and Alessandro Ponzanelli. Liquid Salt interviewed Ponzanelli, back in February.

Some Italian breaks surfed in the documentary include Liguria, Toscana and the southwest Sadrinda coast. There’s a healthy dose of both short sticking, and log rides… with a good combination of Italian cutbacks, and time walking to the nose. In between sessions, you are given an inside look at Italian surf culture.

The Onde Nostre soundtrack includes music by: Blond Redhead, Paine, Cudrelli, Dominique Vaccaro, Yellow Capra, Piero Umiliani, Edwood, Albano Power, Piero Umiliani, and more.




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