Ira Mowen: Surf Berlin

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  1. Kenny Krugel says:

    Ira dude….trust me you not the only one that's been surfing this wave :) local guys here have been on it for years and likewise for myself :)

  2. The first one? NO WAY! There was that many local guys before you! Since nearly 10 years I think. We both meet in the HW-Shapes Surfshop and greg and me talked with you about the wave? The FIRST ONE? :)

  3. Gregor Harms says:

    There is already plenty published stuff: a TV-documentary on NDR, RTL and a Report in the German Surfers Magazine…and so on. ;)

  4. Ginger Slaghter says:

    10 years…:)

  5. Kenny Krugel says:

    " I envision it being more like a film about a lone man who’s trying over and over again to climb a mountain nobody knew existed. Nobody knows he’s doing it… " HAHA…whateva….yea we dont want localism…BUT man…i think he will get it…. :)

  6. Grant Halcomb Rummel says:

    this looks so schon.

  7. dear lonley surfdude from berlin or where ever you come from, it's seems like the old story, whenever an american guy comes to another place they don't know , he things he is the first and the best. It's funny, since my son surfed this spot 7 years ago, now his is 13 years old. And by the way "the name is not Surf Berlin, its Rostock where you were (it's the same when you say to some guy from New York, hey this ist LA). I think it's a lot of bullshit what you're writing here and if you like to surf here some times again, it'll be better to be friendly to the locals because know we know you and we will watch you, the realy first surfer from here – take care of your self guy.

  8. Hey man, you definitely are not not alone here – we're here since more than 10 years. You Americans are so ignorant, you always want to be the frist and best – this is bullshit!

  9. Hi Ira, the surfing community is cool because it is humble to the nature, humble to big ships that make waves and humble to the surfer family you meet in the line up. Pretty please with pineapple on top: don't make yourself and the community rediculous with writing sentences like this one "to be the first in history to surf the only wave in Germany". – especially not in Germany – here absolute sentences are neither cool nor catchy. And by the way to claim this spot to be just outside from Berlin is even more rediculous;) I hope your stay here lets you get acquainted with the german culture to a dept that allows you to praise it rather that to step into the dog poo you know from Berlin…

  10. What do you talk?
    "A perfect wave exists in Germany + it’s never been surfed + it will soon be extinct = I have to make a film.", the truth is your are not the first, the wave is been surfed since several years. You will find many published stuff: print, tv and internet-movies.
    "I heard some talk of a surf spot just outside the city"- the truth is, it is 200 km (about 120 miles) away from Berlin.
    "I paddled out over 150 times before I finally caught the wave." lol.

  11. Uwe Kluba says:

    schaut ganz gut aus , viel groesser als ich dachte…;O)

  12. Eiscreme Toasten says:

    That´s not somewhere in Germany. That´s not Berlin too. Look for "ferrywave" and "Warnemünde", see Google. You will find pictures and clips enough. Please don´t affront the other ferrywave surfers. I believe you want come back to this spot. And you want meet friendly locals there. And you want surf with all other dudes together in next time. And let it not come to the impression that you are the discoverer of this wave. Many surfer were riding this wave before you came. Please respect this.

  13. Kronprinz Frederik says:

    vor allem freundschaft will er nicht annehmen – trotz einem like für seine seite. da kann man sich ja gleich von rostocker unternehmern einladen lassen ihre scheiss unternehmen zu liken, ohne in sagenhaften 3 jahren auch nur ein like zurückzubekommen, gott sei dank ist der fährenscheiss endlich vorbei dies jahr.

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