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From the Archives: Ricky Young Manhattan Beach 1960

May 20, 2012

We posted this photo on our Facebook page a few months back…but I think it deserves to go up again. When I got hired at Cheka-Looka, Ricky was doing ding-repair for the shop. Back in the day, Ricky was ranked the fifth best surfer in the country and was both working and riding for Dewey Weber. In 1998 Ricky had his own shop in Bellevue, Wa…and was hosting The Kahlua Westport Longboard Classic.

Ricky would take breaks from the shaping bay and school me on the ways of surf life. “It’s important to take coffee breaks when you’re surfing with chicks,” and “you HAVE TO surf a Dewey Weber Performer with a hatchet fin.”

Here’s a Seattle Times article on Ricky from back in 98.

– Shawn

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