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Fin Review: True Ames 404 O’fish’L SUP Fin

May 22, 2012

The True Ames 404 O’Fish’l fin is a pretty good fin. The first thing I noticed is you get to choose from a wide array of cool colors when ordering this fin. Being able to add a little bit of custom choice is always a good thing. The next thing I noticed was how light it was. It really was one of the lightest fins I have held for SUP. The honeycomb construction really did away with a lot of weight found in other fins that are sold.

The afternoon I got it, I threw it in the bottom of my board and took it for a test drive. The fin performs pretty well, but does have some minor problems. First it tracks great at lower speeds, but if you’re sprinting fast for any kind of landmark in the distance, be ready to course check a lot. It wasn’t too bad, but didn’t allow me to put my head down, focus on stroke, and zone out to rhythm.

The next thing was it tended to snag some seaweed a little easier than other fins. It shed whatever it ran into fairly easily, but only after about 50 yards or so. Again if you’re racing for anything you don’t want that stuff on there at all.

Those where the only things that I found to be downfalls. So if you’re looking to race (fast) I wouldn’t recommend this fin. But if you’re looking for a solid fin that works great for touring and just enjoying nature around you, this is a good buy.

– Renick

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