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Film Review: WAR(d) STORIES

July 12, 2013

In the digital age of information it is difficult to track every movie release, every album “drop”, every Buzzfeed list and every Onion article – or at least this is my excuse for sleeping on …’s web series: Ward Stories.

I have followed and admired Chris Ward’s career since I was a kid surfing Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi, TX. Even in my first review for Stoke Harvester I reference how What’s Really Goin’ Wrong, a …Lost film featuring Ward, was my absolute favorite surf flick as a grom. Even though I was a little late, I was stoked to learn about …’s web series focusing on the outlandish life of “Wardo”. I was even more stoked to learn that …Lost had compiled these episodes and placed all four hours and twenty minutes onto a DVD. AND I was doubly stoked when that DVD arrived at my doorstep care of Stoke Harvester!

More of a quasi-documentary, Ward Stories tracks Wardo’s wake from young, aggressive Texas surfer to World Tour competitor. Comprehensive and organized …Lost does a terrific job of injecting Ward stories – both positive and negative – into blistering surf segments that reflect Ward’s aggressive surf style. Told by family and friends, the film shares tales from Ward’s past as a father, a surfer and a lunatic.


Ward Stories reminded me of the sometimes forgotten teenage-like fun side of surfing. The side of surfing that doesn’t mingle art and surfing, environmental conservation and surfing or fashion and surfing. Though all these elements are aesthetically good and important to surfing culture, it is like a diet – let me digress. I am nearly 30. I am trying to watch what I eat, I try to hit the gym a couple of times a week and I try to cut back on my whisky intake. But every once in a while I pass a burger joint and I just can’t help myself. As I cram a double bacon cheeseburger into my greasy face my taste buds, which have survived the past month on all things green, scream: WHAT THE FUCK! I FORGOT ABOUT THIS SHIT! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Ward Stories is kinda like that. It represents the unabashed and angsty kid who loves airs and who shotguns beers. Moreover, Ward Stories, and Wardo himself, is unpretentious. In one scene Chris is asked why he chose a specific board to take out that session to which he responds, “It is the only board I have fins for.” There is no worry about which board is right for that spot or what is the best fin placement for that day – it is only about getting into the water and shredding the fucking gnar.

– Patrick

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