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Film Review: Transworld Skateboarding x Perpetual Motion

May 10, 2013

If you’re turning to Transworld, by now you should know that they are one of the few surviving skateboarding magazines. This video is a worthy complement to such a steadfast publication. This is a skateboarder’s skateboarding movie through and through, and it runs an efficient 38 minutes.

If you’re looking for the production value of ‘Sorry’ or even the sophomoric touch of ‘Jump Off A Building’, you’ve come to the wrong place. Perpetual Motion ignores the convolution of skits or muddling set pieces and the result is a straightforward though respectable showcase of its stars. Silas Baxter-Neal, Julian Davidson, Jimmy Carlin, Walker Ryan, Josh Matthews and Tom Remillard turn in solid runs with Carlin and Silas providing the backbone to the piece.

By pulling no punches, it knows what it is and has no delusions of grandeur.


Music in skate movies is generally an added bonus, and in this case it gets a deserved ‘meh’ rating with a shoulder shrug (it lifts off at with the Temptations and limps to the finish from there)… There is a sweet montage of various skaters about halfway through, but, you have to wait until the end credits to see who was involved. So by the time I read Lance Mountain’s name, I was too lazy to rewind and spot the former Bones Brigadier…

Trick of the Flick:
Silas Baxter-Neal’s session as a whole shouldn’t be missed, but at 29 minutes he goes bluntslide to nose-
blunt on a concrete bench. It’s nasty.

Review Haiku:
No frills and it’s short.
Three words spoken throughout it.
Skater’s skate movie.

– Lucas

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