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Photography: Dane Peterson

July 8, 2012

To the casual observer, the growth curve of surf photographer Dane Peterson might look absurdly steep — an “overnight success.” Hardly.

His studied compositions and uncanny eye for subtlety are informed by his years of surfing prowess. As one of the two or three best surfers of his generation at Malibu, Dane had been visually framing photos long before he held a camera. An expatriation to Australia further stocked his file of mental pictures. When he began shooting in earnest, he was halfway home.

While many of today’s finest young water photographers focus on peak action moments, Peterson invariably looks for the honesty and beauty found in transitional moments. It’s a strategy that will serve him well, as these are the quiet “spaces in between” that endlessly accumulate, finally defining our memories of sliding on water.

– Scott Hulet
Editor, The Surfer’s Journal

Dane Peterson Photography