Sepakuma: Dance

June 5, 2016

In the spirit of Adam Colton, comes Sepakuma. Hairylongboarding expresses himself through dancing on a longboard.

Sepakuma is the art of expressing ones true self through which ever medium you see fit, so here is a part of me for you, enjoy.  –  Hairylongboarding


Iggy Pop: Sunday

June 5, 2016

Back in February, Iggy Pop unveiled “Sunday,” a track off of his new alum; Post Pop Depression. Post Pop Depression is Iggy’s surprise collaborative album with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age.) The six-minute track navigates around a prowling bass line and a sizzling guitar riff while Iggy waxes senator’s statements.


Champagne Champagne: Four Horsemen

May 24, 2016

Champagne Champagne- Seattle’s own punk-rap-shoegazers, backroom brown hornets, vibrate higher in their magnetic blackness. Two MC’s: Pearl Dragon, lifer-a smoke-breathing hood Jim Morrison- and Sir Thomas Gray, the hyperactivated game-gifted trouble man. One producer/multi-instrumentalist DJ Gajamagic (AKA Mark Gadjahar, drummer/founding member of defunct Seattle posthardcore institution The Blood Brothers, current backbone to Past Lives and Weekend) – master of dark arts, road-trip Macgyver, and sound systems savage.