Shawn Jennings
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Born and raised in northeastern Iowa, Shawn spent the majority if his childhood running around the countryside in a superman costume. In 2000, after the disappointing realization that he did not in fact have the power of flight…Shawn drove out to the Pacific Northwest. For the last ten years, Seattle has been his home…with one exception…that magical year spent in Puerto Rico…where he learned how to surf. Post San Juan, Shawn got a job scraping wax off rental boards at Seattle’s Cheka-Looka Surf Shop. When Cheka-Looka closed their doors, SPJ opened Surf Ballard. When Surf Ballard stopped being fun, Shawn got together with his best friend and started Stoke Harvester. …The Superman costume is still hanging in the closet…just in case Shawn’s Quiver: 9’0” Dewey Weber Performer, 6’3” Dan Taylor Rotten Egg, Krypt MT5 Surf Mat Music picks: Smashing Pumpkins, Brad, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Shins, Art Tatum Movie Picks: One California Day, Invasion From Planet C, Feet: Regular

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